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Creative Problem Solving Model ABOUT THIS STAGE

After you Craft Solutions in the previous stage, you will have to determine what needs to be done to assure successful implementation or adoption of your solutions. Ultimately, creativity is about change, and - we hope this isn't a surprise - not everyone is going to love you for the change you are going to thrust upon them.

In this stage, you will use a divergent thinking tool to identify your assisters (those who are inclined to help you), and the resisters (those who are inclined to fight you in one way or anohter). Convergent thinking tools will help you identify which are the ones to you need to focus on. Divergent thinking can be used to find ways to enlist the help of the assisters, and ways to win over (or at least placate) the resisters. Finally, convergent thinking tools will help you choose which strategies to use.

When you leave this stage, you will be ready to Plan for Action.


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