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Creative Problem Solving Model ABOUT THIS STAGE

When you have come this far, you have an implementable solution in hand, and you have explored who will help you (and how), and who will resist (and how you will overcome the resistance). These aspects are essential in this stage, when you create an implementation plan.

There are many ways to create an action plan, including techniques that come from the discipline of project management. The type of plan will depend, necessarily, on the size and scope of the solution. CPS is tools agnostic at every stage - you can use any tools you like - and here especially so.

A method we have found useful in most circumstances is called RACI, an acronym that helps you define the roles to be filled by your implementation team. A RACI plan is created like this:

  1. Using a divergent tool, create a list of all implementation steps. Use a convergent tool to distill, cull, and order the list.
  2. For each implementation step, identify the RACI roles:
    • Who is Responsible to do the work (one person)
    • Who is Accountable for making sure the work is done (often, the manager of the R person)
    • Who can be Consulted to assist the R person with doing the work
    • Who needs to be Informed about progress or completion of the step
  3. When the RACI action plan is complete, you are ready to create the future you imagined at the beginning of the CPS process.


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