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Books about creativity and Creative Problem Solving are plentiful. Here are some of our favorites. Purchasing any title through the links on this page will help support

Creativity Rising

Creative Thinking and Creative Problem Solving in the 21st Century

by Gerard J. Puccio, Marie Mance, Laura Barbero Switalski, and Paul D. Reali

Where to buy: (standard print edition, color print edition, and PDF edition) (standard print edition and Kindle ebook edition)

About the Book

Living Creatively in the 21st Century

The need for creativity has never been greater. In fact, we chose the title, Creativity Rising: Creative Thinking and Creative Problem Solving in the 21st Century, to reflect this belief. If we are to live healthy, productive lives in this century we must develop the mind-set and the skill set for effectively responding to and initiating change. Creativity Rising is both a why-to and how-to guide to help you create your own future.

In this book we:
• explore the nature of creativity
• debunk common myths about creativity
• describe the rapid rise of change in the 21st century
• outline the time-tested Creative Problem Solving process, an approach to on-demand creativity

Getting Started with Creative Problem Solving

by Paul D. Reali

Where to buy: (print edition) (Nook Book) (print edition and PDF edition)
iBooks/iTunes (iPad, iPhone, iPodedition)

About the Book

Some problems are just plain wicked.

Intractable, complex, hard to define – a wicked problem seems to defy solution, seems intent on thwarting your efforts to solve it. Problems are wicked problems when they have these characteristics:

• the problem is ill-defined or ambiguous
• there is no known solution
• there could be more than one right solution
• aspects of the problem may not be clear until you begin solving
• a solution will not be clearly right or wrong until you implement

You have some of these, don’t you? Of course you do. We all do.

To create a wicked-good solution to a wicked-hard problem, you need a time-tested, proven-to-work approach. This guide introduces you to Creative Problem Solving (CPS). Known and used around the world, researched and refined for more than 50 years, CPS will help you to solve wicked problems, and to seize any opportunities, that do not have a clearly-defined path.

The solutions-oriented approach of CPS changes the way you see problems and op-portunities, and might just change the way you see…everything.